Stormcloud Creations Developed Five Full Games

Stormcloud Creations Developed Five Full Games

The games are available for download as free demos, though the full versions are also for sale. Stormcloud Creations developed five full games in its entire run.



If you’re especially partial to ancient Rome, with a fondness for sports management simulations, then you’ll have the perfect mix of strategy and action all in one neat package.

Once you enter Coliseum, you will start playing as a manager to budding gladiators. Three young fighters will be under your wing, and it will be your job to guide them through their training. You’ll also have to keep an eye on their careful consumption of potions, and you’ll have the ability to use some magic to help them along their path to being great gladiators.

Of course, it’s all not as simple and straightforward as it sounds. As an Arena manager, you’ll have a lot of tasks and challenges to juggle. You’ll need to pick which body-altering potions are the best to use, and you’ll need to make sure that your gladiators don’t fall sick or get too heavily injured. You’ll also need to reign in your gladiators’ personalities, which may get them in trouble outside the Arena.

Interstellar Trader 2


Interstellar Trader 2, a sequel to an earlier game of the same name, is the product of the game developer’s interactions with fans of the original Intertellar Trader. Interstellar Trader 2 came about as the developer took in the ideas and requests of people that played the first version.

The game’s premise remains the same. You are the founder and owner of a budding  merchant business whose scope spans the entire galaxy. As a merchant, your main goal is to make profits. However, this is not that simple. You’ll have to contend with a lot of challenges, beginning with an ever-changing market place and other hindrances to smooth sailing, such as four different kinds of space pirates and other randomly-generated events.

The gameplay is rich in options. You can hop from planet to planet, upgrade or replace your ship, evade pirates, and even visit the Galactic Casino. Just don’t forget that your ultimate goal is to spend your old age in wealth and health.



Are you a fan of cyberpunk strategy games? This is a great game to try out and eventually get hooked on You’ll find familiar concepts, but repackaged in newer graphics and a smoother gameplay with fewer bugs.

In this game, you are a Techno-Godfather, which is exactly as awesome as it sounds. You are a futuristic Vito Corleone, and your job is to recruit people into your gangs and have them earn your money through not-so-legal means.  You can explore and expand your territory, glean information, and make yourself more and more influential. Of course, you’ll have to deal with rival gangs and the police that can put a damper on your operations. Hire lawyers to protect yourself, but you can go as far as bribing or offing judges that put your liberty in danger. It’s definitely  challenging but fun game.

Each game randomly generates the city, personalities, and gangs. You can thus play this game over and over again and you’ll never get bored.



Exploration and the discovery of new lands seem to have been embedded in human DNA. Of course, there’s not much left in the world to discover now, but you can still answer that deep, ancient call without even having to leave your house.

With Voyager, you’ll come face to face with an incredibly detailed fantasy world inhabited by strange and new races as well as treasures waiting to be found. You can discover ancient tombs and castles, as well as collect gold and go on exciting new adventures. You can play side games or fight battles using your creature cards.

The game is mostly card-based, and it was designed to test your strategic thinking skills. You can take risks for a bit more thrill in your gameplay, though you can also play it safe and make sure that your strategy works flawlessly.

The graphics are meticulously designed and stunning. Each game randomly generates a world, ensuring that each game is new and exciting.



Sick of playing the hero? It may be interesting to play the anti-hero (or even the villain) in the story for once. In DomainWars, you’ll be playing as an evil General that has been ordered to invade a magical land in the name of the King. Sure, you’ll be working under the King’s orders, but you’ll have full control over the conquest.

Full control does actually mean full control. As the evil General, you’ll be overseeing every important aspect of the invasion. You’ll have a hand in the training of soldiers for the King’s army (which is under your control). Even the knights will be trained and developed under your guidance. Of course, armed aggression isn’t your only strong suit; you’ll also be able to have a hand in diplomatic relations. You will be picking Diplomats and guiding them yourself. Aside from soldiers, knights, and Diplomats, you’ll also have your pick of legendary heroes who can serve in your army and lend their strength in the invasion.

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